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It is normal for students to feel completely lost in a math class. Learning math is always a challenge, but it becomes less challenging with experience and the help of an online math tutor. Each new mathematical concept requires an understanding of the previous material. If you have gotten behind in math lessons or have missed an important bit of the previous material you will, inevitably, feel lost. In some cases it may be a good idea to seek an online math tutor for private tutorial or withdraw from the class and retake a prerequisite math class. An online math tutor can help you learn more about the common challenges with learning math.

Feeling completely lost in math lessons can be prevented by asking questions early, as soon as any doubt emerges. If the student has fallen behind in math lessons to such an extent, immediate correction by the instructor or online math tutor is necessary.

Embarrassment is never a sufficient reason not to ask questions. It is completely natural to struggle with new concepts in math lessons. Other students in the class may have the same question and are unwilling to ask it. An online math tutor may be helpful in this respect. Learn more about the importance of asking questions for math lessons here.